Agile & Scrum Mastery

I enjoy mentoring new and aspiring Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches, so I thought I’d collect these resources and recommendations together.

I was an organiser for Liberating Structures London for two years. If you’d like to experience different ways of having better interactions with people, check out events by one of the many user groups, most of them are free.
More Liberating Structures resources

I’m a regular member at Black Scrum Masters London. We always have such interesting themes, and often I have some related links I’d like to share. You can find these below.

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Reflections and resources related to Black Scrum Masters London meetups

Scrum Master: Characteristics, Traits & Requirements

Barry Overeem has a brilliant whitepaper about what makes a great scrum master.

Also, available in video format.

Agile Principles & how they relate to the Scrum Framework

Fran Ávila links agile principles to software development practices in Mapping the agile manifesto. Highly recommend. There’s a blank version for you to create your own map too.

Intro to the Scrum Framework

Red string connects 12 short paragraphs to a map of the Scrum Framework in multiple ways
Mapping the Scrum framework to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Advice for new Scrum Masters

More writings about agile, tech and business