How I bullet journal: Bujo 2.0

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I’m learning more about how to bullet journal with the official book and a TED talk by the author, Ryder Carroll.

And checking out loads of other bullet journalling resources.

I used to bullet journal consistently, and then I just stopped. I don’t remember why. When life was getting overwhelming, I started again this week. And I’ve been familiarising myself with lots of resources to help me.

Get started with a bullet journal of your own

If you’re interested in learning how to bullet journal, I recommend:

  1. Start with the official How to Bullet Journal video (4 minutes, captions available in English & 23 other languages)
    This was enough for me to get started. But if you want more:
  2. Continue with How to declutter your mind — keep a journal — TEDxYale talk (13 minutes, captions available in English & Russian). And, if you want even more:
  3. Read The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll
    I’m listening to the audiobook & simultaneously reading the ebook, in short bursts, which is helping me absorb the info even whilst tired or distracted

Weekly planning by bullet journal

split each day into morning, afternoon & evening; plan accordingly

The biggest change I’ve made (compared with the official video & book) is that in addition to the future log, monthly log and daily log, I do weekly logs too.

I find it so helpful to take a week at a time in terms of planning and reviewing.

Mine, this week & next, is like #5 on Tiny Ray of Sunshine’s post.

write down & highlight what's the priority for each day

I take a double page spread, and on the left I have a visual of the week, with what I plan to do each day (just highlights, not everything).

On the right, I make a list of stuff I want to get done this week, which I add to during the week and cross off as I complete or discard them.

I type these up, print them out and stick them in my journal, because that’s what helps me.

And I do daily logs as well for making notes etc.

Ideas for weekly journalling

And there’s so much variety for weekly spreads. If you want inspiration, check out these variations:

Each of these are very different from my weekly log. I got inspired by Kay’s spreads and so I have some idea about how I want to improve mine next time.

I’m going to try out incorporating the highs & lows of each day into future reviews & retros.

Also, remembered that I find it super helpful having a ‘next week’ section too. I squeezed mine into this week when I needed one.

Practical, over pretty

I use plain paper now. I used to use a dot grid, but I’ve been wanting to draw more, and I find I draw lot more when the page starts of totally blank. By drawing I just mean quick & easy doodling.

Otherwise, I keep it pretty simple and don’t use habit trackers or straight lines any more. And, as last time, what I have in my head whilst I’m bullet journalling is practical, over pretty.

I’m excited to continue bullet journalling when I start my new job in September. It’s really helping me. 😊

Other useful resources about bullet journals

What next?

I’m excited to explore 10 year planning. Sounds wild to me, lol, let’s try it. I heard about it in one of the many bujo videos I watched.

Other stuff I’m thinking about this week:

  • 10 Year Plan, including a day in the life
  • Goals, including how success will be measured
  • 5 min journalling

I think that’s enough from me for now. Happy journalling!

Edited to add: Tips from The Bullet Journal Method 📘

So far, the most helpful thing from the book was being tasked to write down a list separated into 3 sections:

  • doing
  • should be doing
  • want to be doing

Reminded me both of the Jot, Bin, Pants method of novel planning and of the Liberating Structure Ecocycle Planning. But I digress.

Once you have the list, go through each item and work out when you want/need to do it.

Planning, for example…

Some items from my list, narrating some of the reasoning I used:

  • Studying
    • I have an assessment due every 2 weeks, including this Sunday
    • I’ll probably not be at home Fri/Sat
    • I’m doing a lot of travelling & walking on Sun, so probably will be exhausted when I get back
    • Therefore, I need to finish & submit this unit by Friday PM
  • Emergent Strategy
    • I want to continue reading this book
    • I’m reading 3 other books
      • Artist’s Way has a fixed deadline
      • Hidden Life of Trees I want to lend to a friend
      • Bullet Journal Method is helping me get things done
    • Postpone continuing ES until August, when I expect to have finished at least 1 of the books in progress
  • Learning about mortgages
    • I have no time this week
    • I have space next week
    • Scheduled next Thursday morning, when I’ll be home in order to take a video call that afternoon


Once you’ve done this for everything on your list, you can schedule them in the relevant places. Helped me lessen the nagging feeling that I ought to be doing stuff I wasn’t doing and/or had forgotten things. Great way to get started with this bujo thing.

enjoy bullet journalling!

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