The week that started 7th October

Daily routines for better sleep hygiene

Building on last week’s sleep hygiene improvements…

In addition to leaving my phone on flight mode, I started leaving it in the living room. And taking only my secondary device to my bedroom for an alarm to wake me up and music & meditation apps to help me sleep.

My secondary device doesn’t have Twitter or Instagram, and it’s not logged in to any of my personal email etc. It’s an iPhone, so I’ve used the Screentime and Do Not Disturb scheduling features to snooze notifications between 6pm and 8am and lock all apps apart from Clock, Spotify and Headspace.

It’s making a world of difference for me.

Musings from Monday

I was down because I got up, went to work, came home, went to bed. And I was starting to ruminate about work. So, when I got into bed I grabbed a few defences against rumination, namely:

  • Meditating with Headspace
  • Reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith
  • Listening to music

Worked great, and I lifted my mood. Yay!

On music

I thought I’d check out my Discover Weekly, and the first song on it was Fields of Green by Algoth Holmes. Never heard of the song or the artist before, and I loved it. It was exactly what I needed in that moment. Went and listened to the EP next, Way Back Home. Loved all of that and wished there were more than 5 songs.

I knew being at Spotify would strengthen my connection to music, but I totally underestimated by how much, and I feel so lucky to be experiencing this.

What I heard this week

I’m enjoying the Tales From a Black Universe podcast, which has short stories of black sci fi, fantasy and speculative fiction. I love it!

What I watched this week

I’ve been laughing to TwoSetViolin and Key and Peele this week. And I’m thinking about one of my characters who’s a musician of some kind, I don’t know which kind/s yet. Laughing at

Next week

My challenge for the coming week is to get enough rest. I’m working from Stockholm for a couple of days, then back to London for my job and to lead a wellbeing workshop at a conference. And then I’m in Munich.

My plan for thriving this upcoming week is:

  • Lots of juice, and fruit in other forms
  • Meditating like whoa
  • Saying no until November
  • Chilled Tuesday evening
  • Early finish on Friday
LiLi smiling in a black history is now jumper