The week that started 14th October

Sun rising and reflecting over water
Beautific sunrise over Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

Connecting with trees and chilling by water

I began the week chilling by Lilla Värten, a strait in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s so beautiful.

Continued by walking along, and over, the River Thames in London.

Epic bridge, including Houses of Parliament
River Thames by derwiki

Ended the week by speeding over Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany.

These views are a timely reminder that working a full-time job is compatible with restorative experiences. Travelling is pretty tiring, but the healthy habits I’ve been cultivating helped me do a lot of it this week.

I do have a cold, so I’m not immune to the toll it can take tho!

Writing & workshops

I submitted a piece for a collection of new writing on Monday, made the finishing touches to my workshop plan on Tuesday and led my recovering from burnout workshop on Thursday

Recovering from burnout

I’ve led my recovering from burnout workshop five times now, making improvements along the way in response to feedback. In London, Nottingham and with remote participants. With colleagues (at two workplaces) and at conferences (Afrotech Fest, Margins and The Art of Not Doing).

LiLi smiling next to a poster of The Art of Not Doing

Lots of ideas buzzing around my head about further changes to make, and how to evolve it into a half day, or full day, workshop. Because spaciousness helps many things in many ways. I want to give more time for the activities more time, and for sharing across the whole group more.

Energised and ready to help other folks recover from burnout

I’d love to do it regularly. And, doing it one-off. Or, short-term regularly, like monthly for three months would be more sustainable and achievable and such. Maybe around Mental Health Awareness weeks/months. Or Black History Months. (I want it to be for black folks, or, at least, primarily for black folks…) Ideas percolating…

Laughter & joy

Okay, I thought other TwoSetViolin videos were funny, but this one below is hilarious. Check out The World’s FASTEST (and most INACCURATE) VIOLINIST! first, for the context to really appreciate NEW “FASTEST VIOLINIST IN THE WORLD” IS EVEN FASTER (and more sacrilegious).

I love when Eddy and Brett are fanboying over amazing violinists.

Healthy habits

My mission – I do choose to accept it – is to get to work at 10am on Friday and leave work at 5pm at least one day next week.

I ended last week with a slightly panicked ‘when will I rest?!’ recurring thought. Sleeping on planes helped.

I made some commitments in October before I got my new job, so that’s why it’s a pretty busy time for me at the moment. Not making any plans for November (or December) until I’m well rested. I’m really glad I make rules like this for myself; they really help me a lot.

Started the week by returning from Stockholm to London and ending the week by going to, and coming back from, Munich. Adventures!

Looking forward to a few weeks of not travelling. Or, well, only travelling within the UK.

I feel like this post is unfinished, but I’m tired and in an airport, so hitting publish. More shenanigans next week.