The week that started 16th December

Slowly musing on the year that’s ending, and gradually starting to think about the year to come.

All I’ve considered for next year is my tree learning plan. And some vague thoughts about collaborating to survive in the hellscape of late capitalism.

LiLi floating on clouds in space and captioned DREAM BIG

2019 life changing events

Developed and forged some amazing relationships this year

Other notable events and occurrences in 2019

Speaking of trees…

This year I embraced my inner scientist, enthusing about botany, dietetics and lifestyle medicine.

Because of Wild in the City and the magic of trees, I got to know these organisations and attend their events:

And I went to the Wild in the City festival with a good friend.

I’m working on a ‘how to be a tree nerd’ guide, of what helped me along the way. Basically, those are the main organisations that made a difference for me. Since then I’ve found a few others that I’ll be trying out next year.

Back to this week specifically

Been watching Seven Worlds, One Planet and reading Overstory this weekend. I love them both but also, desperately sad learning about various extinctions, past and future. 😫

I was feeling sad. Working late does that – I’m very sensitive to changes to the delicate life balance I’ve created…

Listening to this helped. A lot. Hurray!

And I still enjoyed reading Overstory whilst I was feeling sad.

I started exploring permaculture ideas and, wow, so much resonance. Looking forward to learning more. Loving this playlist. Also, this was a quick & easy intro for me.

Learning by doing

Development is my foundational priority for next year in my work. I’ve been thinking a lot about effective learning practices. For example, I’m embedding what I’ve learned about visual communication by practising drawing every day, using the bikablo methods. It’s pretty great.

And I want to get better at teaching and training next year. Looking forward to doing some work on that. In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on agile coaching competencies. Rewatching What is an Agile Coach? by Lyssa Adkins & Simon Powers and assessing myself at work.


Thinking about next year, the main thing I really want to do is keep learning. Thinking about it, if I have the same priorities in my personal life as in my professional life, the two domains will support each other.

So, learning, wellbeing, collaboration? Yeah, I’m happy with that.

LearningWellbeingCollaboration *
development, improving, growthhealth, habits, behavioural change, public health, lifestyle medicinecommunity, togetherness
move more, physical activitythriving together in this world

* (for work, that’s in the form of Liberating Structures and working together remotely, but I think broadening it makes what’s really important clearer)

Healthier habits, best of 2019

Outside of work, and aside from trees, I’m mostly learning about healthier habits. This year brought an end to my chronic insomnia, by way of the best bedtime routine I’ve ever had:

  • 8 pm: Get into bed
  • Do any/all of these wind down activities
    • Read fiction
    • Listen to podcasts or music
    • Meditate
  • 10 pm (or earlier): Sleep
  • 6 am: Get up

Here’s what’s helped me improve how I relax, eat, sleep and move in 2019. Next year, I want to continue exploring how to move more.

Relax 📻🔊🔗