The week that started 30th December

My word for 2020 is spaciousness.

2019’s word was connection. And I did make new connections, and nurture existing ones. Closing the year thinking about being intentional and the necessity of saying no to connections to make space for the ones I value.

I watched an excellent video that taught me that to concentrate I need to first learn how and then practise. I found this such a relief, because I do struggle with focus, and sometimes blame myself. Highly recommend this one.

Aspirations and dreams

I made a list of things I want to do at some point in my life, and worked out which one is most important to me: Planting trees.

Healthier habits

Apparently there is a plant source of B12; my only question is, where do I find duckweed for human consumption…?

Loved this morning routine from Sweet Potato Soul – I’m not the only one who finds watching vegan recipe vloggers relaxing, am I? I do want to make a wholefood, plant-based nutella at some point (with no maple syrup).

Learned more about the importance of sleep. Did you know that you get more colds if you get too little sleep?

Ordered Dr Chatterjee’s book ‘Feel Better in 5’. I’ve been listening to his podcast – Feel Better, Live More – for a few weeks now and finding it so interesting and useful.

Went for a 4.5 hour nature hike. It was awesome. I was doubtful whether I could do it, so was brilliant to learn than I can. Hurrah!

beautiful water and sky, so calming

What next?

  • Practise focusing on one thing at a time. (Ironically, whilst I’m writing this I’m also watching a video about monotasking and concentrating awareness… Sigh.)