The week that started 20th January

Healthier habits

My mum came to visit me at work and heard Disco 2000 by Pulp playing, which she enjoyed. So we danced to it when I got home. 😊

Practising doing stuff I enjoy

Walked around St James’ Park with my mum during my lunch break. Lovely. Never imagined that this would be my working life.

It felt so good to feel the crisp air on my face and see the winter sun. Great mood all day, pretty much.

Proposed one of my meetings be a walking meeting. And so we walked 1 mile in 20 mins. Pretty good!

And I started getting off my bus two stops early on my way home (matching my way in).


I had an interesting conversation with a friend on the subject of:

How do you give yourself recognition?

What would your response be to that question, I wonder…

For me, giving myself recognition involves:

  • Writing down, and re-reading, my achievements and feedback I’ve received
  • Sharing my experience about things I’ve struggled with and overcome. For example, making recommendations to folks about how to improve sleep
  • Meditation, especially on compassion