The week that started 27th January


I’ve been thinking about rest because I listened to an episode of Feel Better Live More about it.

Another thing, I have this objective about an excellent life balance, and my focus for this quarter is on learning more and measuring that by habits I’ve changed or integrated and measuring my wellbeing.

I didn’t include improving other folks’ wellbeing in my measures for this quarter, because I thought it was too ambitious. But actually, I have been helping other folks by endlessly talking about sleep, rest, circadian rhythms and such, as and when relevant. It’s been great. And the impact’s not restricted to my city or my department either. Had a great conversation about sleep with another coach in New York, to the point that they immediately went and got The Circadian Code book from their local library, and started reading it. 😍


It’s funny doing my travel planning for the year. I was thinking that I wasn’t going to do much travel in 2020. But I already have 13 cities, 6 countries and 3 continents planned. 🤨

Imperfections are a gift

Tobias Mayer said 2 things that resonated strongly for me in his newsletter this time around.

He talked about the possibility of sin as a “mechanism for adjustment”, a gift to help us work out how to live well.

Recognising our failings, faults and transgressions as straying from our values would allow us to self-correct, and to support one another in such correction.

He talked about February being a liminal space, “not really winter, and not quite spring”. Best of all was this beautiful phrasing:

February is an orchestra warming up, tuning itself before the performance starts… February has secrets buried beneath the earth, and in the trunks and branches of trees. February knows things, and won’t tell. Embrace its mystery.

Love it when spirit speaks directly to my spirit.