The week that started 24th February 2020

More balance

A couple of weeks ago I said watch this space for more about balance. Well, here’s the space.

I’m looking at working on a compressed schedule, namely 9 day fortnight: alternating between a 5 day week and a 4 day week, working slightly longer days. There are many potential benefits. I’m running an experiment to understand the risks, so I can see if this is a good fit for me and my workplace.

Incidentally, so glad that I looked up ‘all fridays in 2020’ online and found a list of this year’s Fridays; helped me work out what my week’s might look like.

Because I had an unexpected Saturday of no plans (the class I enrolled on was cancelled), I spent time looking at some of my favourite artists online. Super chill, super fun. Really admire Amanda Cobbett not just for her artistry and skill, which is immense, but also for her patience and perseverance.

Foolishly stayed up late though. Still working on getting back to my bedtime routine as a seamless habit.

Also, checking out Amanda Cobbett’s twitter introduced me to these: Bryophyte World and wildflowerhour.

Listened this week

Erlkönig, composed by Schubert and written by Goethe. Haunting.

La Romana by Bad Bunny. Great for dancing!

Tai Murray, beautiful violin solos

Watched this week

Chineke! the best bits of the Proms (2017) online, with soloists Jeanine De Bique and Sheku Kanneh-Mason. Incredible.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s welcome series on gaining more energy, which relates to the info in his book The 4 Pillar Plan. Useful. Sign up via the Increase Your Energy In Just 5 Days pop up on his website.