The week that started 2nd March 2020


Went to a meditation and restoration event, after which I connected with some of my writer friends about writing. Now working on an application for a writing residency I’m really excited about and that seems made for me.

Booked onto a writing course too. Feels good to be investing in writing like this.


Learned about a tree conference in Cambridge in May. It’s on a weekend, £25 (early bird price) and easy for me to get to, so that’s exciting. So many of these events are for folks in arboricultural or forestry industries, so they’re during the week, expensive and challenging to get to via public transport. Anyway, I’m excited to have more tree options coming up soon.

Made plans to see the Among the Trees exhibition with a friend I made at the Botany class I did last month, so that feels great. Looking forward to it.

And I booked onto a couple of tree courses, well, another botany class and one specifically on broad-leaved trees. Yay!

Healthier habits

Helpful spending time looking at balance when it comes to healthier habits. Especially looking at things that are readily achievable for me, even when I’m not feeling at my best. (Still working to get back to my bedtime routine, which travelling a month ago disrupted.)

So, things I’ll focus on:

  • Sleep: No screens from 9.30 pm (ideally from 8 pm)
  • Eat: Eating between 8 am and 8 pm (ideally 8 am and 5 pm / 6 pm / 7 pm, but this way there’s contingency built in)
  • Move: Watch Chatterjee simple workouts and do a couple each week, Remember to keep doing HIIT walking (speed up for a bit, slow down for a bit, repeat)
  • Relax: 15 minutes of me time daily, no devices (reading 😍)

Reading books

I was vaguely wondering what to read next and then I received an abundance of books to borrow from friends and colleagues. Perfect timing for re-committing to read daily for significant periods of time.

Audio enjoyment

Been enjoying the Grime Workout playlist, but also..

Hello from the magic tavern podcast

Really love this series of stories, love improv. And look, there’s a public health application too.