The week that started 11th May 2020

On death in Mary Oliver’s poetry

I love how Mary writes of death in White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field. There’s a whole section of owl poems in the collection of her selected poems that I’m reading. Which makes me wonder about owls as harbingers of death or representations of death for her.

And then I continued reading about death in an interview with Dr. Kami Fletcher: Is Death Really “The Great Equalizer?” African American Deathways and Inequality in America and in a preview of Last Things: A Graphic Memoir of Loss and Love by Marissa Moss. More about the book here.

I’m not really an astrology person, but sometimes you could say that the Scorpio in me is really coming through… 🦂

Heinz means beans*

Randomly did some research into recreating baked beans. I prefer tinned baked beans to homemade, so I was looking at recipes and conspiracies for making the latter taste more like the former. After extensive research, the consensus (such as there is one), seems to be that the sauce is thinned down ketchup. One to try for when I have way more energy.

* I know it’s ‘really’ “beans means Heinz”, but Heinz means beans is actually true for me, whereas beans means many things besides Heinz to me…