Weeknotes: What is liberating? Is it possible to be free?

Musing about freedom and freelancing, including curiosity, following joy and asking for help. Blessed by wisdom from many sources.

LiLi smiling in a black history is now jumper

What does it mean to be free? And is it possible?

What does it mean to choose freedom when still socially oppressed?

How can I be free? And reduce violence in this moment? And practise compassion for others?

Lama Rod Owens, Fri, 5 Feb 2021

On freedom

“Live free or die a slave.” Damn

I’ve been thinking about ways of reflecting and invitations, but I’ll explore that more another time.

Learning things that are deeply true

What I really appreciate about academia is when it makes it possible to understanding things that’s deeply true, when academia makes things more accessible, art and science all intertwined.

Here are some excellent examples, with notes on where I learned of them:


Been attending some events from Freelance Festival this week (it’s free and continues into next week, in case you want to join. If you register, you can access stuff that’s happened already.)

I went to Birkbeck’s Future Focus: Top Tips and Key Skills to Start a Business session with Jenna Davies from Birkbeck Futures Careers Service. Which reminded me about the Business Model Canvas.

ADHD Self-Coaching

I found these videos really useful this week.

What’s your relationship to discipline? What about change?

It’s been at least 15 years since I started listening to Steve Pavlina on personal development. Not consistently, on and off, but always resonating when I’m connecting with his ideas.

Listening to this podcast by him now, and it’s great. I love Steve’s focus on curiosity, feelings, creativity and joy. Resonates so deeply with me. I started reading Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler on Saturday, and I’m enjoying the overlapping themes of change and our abilities to steer the course of change.

Feeling powerful and playful.

5 things I’m looking forward to…