Weeknotes: What’s your creative process? Here, I’ll show you mine… 🎥🖌️

How I learned to reflect every day, after months of false starts

I love hearing about folks’ creative process/es, and I want to share mine more. Practising.


My creative process is…

  • Stopping and starting
  • Jumping from drawing on my tablet, to auto-transcribing a vlog, to synching the drawing to the cloud and downloading it to another device so I can upload it to my website
  • Surfing waves of creating and getting hit by sneaker waves of executive dysfunction
  • Singing one line of a song I love over and over to myself, and then putting it on (and not finding it at first because instead of writing ‘cute screaming’ I write ‘cute jacob’)
  • Multivariable
  • Evolving, emergent, transformative
  • Sprinkled with synchronicities
  • Amplify by Steve Pavlina, course, 15 minutes of audio and some homework for each lesson
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, book and group
  • Voice notes and text messages back and forth with friends
  • Watching Adventure Time in the background

Journalling experiments

  • Morning pages: 3 (A4) pages of stream of consciousness. I’ve started doing more than 3 pages when I wake up early, so that it evens out when I write less because I’ve woken late. On balance I’m now covering more pages. Awesome!
  • Video recordings in the woods, weekly-ish
  • Daily drawing: Felt tips on paper during the week and the Procreate app on my iPad at the weekends
  • Voice notes on Otter, which does automated transcriptions too

Visual thinking – a great tool for stellar asynchronous collaboration too

One of the skills I teach people is visual thinking, this includes drawing, but also using images that already exist. Here are some of my favourite resources:

Intrapreneur & freelance skills

Storytelling, a tale of obsession

I’m extremely fascinated by storytelling lately. It started when it unexpectedly popped up in a position of prominence in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Product management: Creating a compelling & engaging vision

How to live well vs Capitalism.


ADHD self-coaching

Love these descriptions of executive function; really clear and fun metaphors

What’s YOUR creative process?