How to follow creativity, trusting the flow: A love letter

2 figures, both expressing love, one is giving a love letter to the other
audio of this love letter, so transcription below

1st May 2022

Dear LiLi,

I’m writing to you about the journey we’ve been on together, just you – the Creative – and me – your Muse. What an Adventure!

Firstly, thank you for your commitment to Compassion. You know how much I hate to be pushed into doing things. No one likes to be compelled, it’s true, but least of all me! (After all, we both need and love Autonomy. I digress…)

Here are 3 of my favourite ways you showed loving-kindness to yourself and to me:

  1. When ––––– (redacted) told you that you’d been funemployed for too long and it was time you got a proper job, you put up your hand, and said No. ✋

    Omg, the look on their face!

    I love that you were able to tell them that you trusted it would all work out in its own perfect time, because it always has before, and that if they didn’t have anything supportive to say, you’d be glad to share silence with them. 
  1. When you were feeling stressed about that deadline — you know the one! — you stepped away from the keyboard and went for a 2-hour walk in the woods.

    And, what do you know, soon the trees and the birds were falling over themselves to tell you all their ideas.
  1. Oh, and there’s that other time when you were stuck in a rut, and I wouldn’t come and play. Instead of cajoling me, you had a nap, played video games, read poetry aloud to yourself, and danced.

    Of course, with all of that going on, I turned up demanding an invite, and pretty soon we were jamming together, making all of the art.

How did you get to be so tender-hearted with yourself? With us both? You know, I think it all blossomed in those retreats you started going on. Look at us now!

Secondly, when did you get to be so courageous?! You used to define yourself as full of fear, cowered by it. Now, Courage is your mainstay.

Who could say that of you now, what with the paragliding, abseiling and yacht racing?!

  1. Articulating and acknowledging your fears has been a turning point, for sure – we were both surprised when you gave a speech about that for Toastmasters,
  2. Using WOOP to dream and plan for possible obstacles, and
  3. Asking for help! When you gave yourself that challenge to ask for help 10x each day for a month… Well, I wondered what you’d even be thinking of by the end of it! But you did it and here we are now.

Thirdly, (I do love this improv device of counting things!), Curiosity.

  1. You utter the words ‘What if…?’ multiple times a day!
  2. Whenever someone says something’s never been done, you add ‘…yet!’
  3. ‘What time is it? Adventure Time!’ has become your catchphrase, and now people around you quote it back to you!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m really proud of you. I know you already know, but sometimes it’s good to find different ways to express and appreciate these things. I love being around you.

And to think that this is only the beginning!

All my love,

Your Muse