How to rest when your brain won’t stop

A brain at rest, all cosy with a purple-blue blanket in a purple bed.

Timely reminders for myself

  • Go outside, and let the activity of birds soothe your spirit
  • Lie down and play games on your phone, maybe language learning apps
  • Draw and doodle
  • Watch cartoons or films
  • Do morning pages (writing stream of consciousness) about feelings and thoughts
  • Practise recovering from burnout steps: Do less, Connect with goals & priorities, and Get Support
  • Talk with friends
  • Do some mindless task, like washing up, before trying to lie down and be still
  • Light a candle

Literary musings

Reading Wild Seed by Octavia Butler I’m really struck by the difference between those who’ve known freedom and then lose it, and those who’ve never known freedom.

Life lessons & learnings

I’m feeling extremely grateful to have amazing friends. And I feel glad to be in the midst of a loss, and be getting new gains I hadn’t anticipated at the same time.

Repetition is a reliable form of change. What’s been echoing recently is the experience of being gaslit. What’s changing is noticing the familiar patterns. Practising responding in healthy and protective ways.

What time is it? Adventure Time!