When one door closes… Goodbye Amplify calls, hello Conscious Growth

Today’s the last live call for the Amplify creative flow class, and I’m going to miss them. Really grateful to be on them. My 20-something self would never believe I’d be on weekly calls with Steve Pavlina. And I’m excited about joining Conscious Growth Club.

A group of figures, united, victorious, ready, swirling with change. Labelled Amplify 2021.

Questions I’m looking forward to exploring next week

  • What relationship do I want to have to Conscious Growth Club?
    • Do I want to have a more casual relationship with it?
    • And. what relationship do I want to have to the other courses and groups I’m part of?
  • What is extraordinary that I want to make normal?
  • What’s my Sparta offer? i.e. that I would charge $10K for

Awesome creative experiences today

I had 2 big creative deadlines – an interview and a lightning talk. Even though one of them was for the full-time job that’s nearly at an end, they both feel like Creative Freelancer experiences.

Like, working on that talk, which I did with a friend, felt like an independent project that we did out of autonomy, focus & joy, with compassion, courage & curiosity. That’s what defines Creative Freelancing for me, not whether it’s ’employed’ or not.

And I’m excited to be actually freelancing from next week, because I am so ready for it!

Congrats to WritersMosaic for the successful launch today!

Cannot wait to immerse myself more in the world of words. Fellow writers, I’m coming!

Some creative activities I enjoyed in Amplify today

Improv: I could never… / Actually, you could, you just need to…

  • One person says: “I could never…”
  • Anyone replies with “Actually, you could, you just need to…” 
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Doesn’t have to be practical or real, just respond!

For example, I said:

I could never learn to swim

And got, actually, you could, you just need to:

  • Go to swimming classes
  • Not sink
  • Jump off a boat and not die
  • Fall off a boat
  • Make friends with a dolphin
  • Learn to breathe water
  • Start with a tub of money
  • Hold a float
  • Go to the dead sea
  • Jump in the deep end
  • Turn into a fish
  • Chase a loved one around a pool playfully
  • Play a water level on Mario
  • Hold on to a sharknado