Weeknotes: 7 swifts sweep sky & usher in hope for Q3

Seven swifts sweep sky, several swifts swoop by

Walking / being outside / nature

Really enjoy savouring food & drink that affirms that it’s summer, like mango ice lollies and elderflower fizz and a sour cherry straight from the tree. Wondering how the tastes of summer will slip away with climate change.

Today (Thursday, 1st July, new beginnings!) I saw a dozen swifts, I think. Definitely at least 10. They were flying so fast it was hard to count them! Now it’s Sunday (4th July), and I’ve seen swifts every day since, which is pretty awesome.


I did morning pages today (Thursday, 1st July) for the first time in… *checks* a week and a half. Glad to be back in the rhythm of doing those, and Writers’ Hour is helping a lot.

And then I had a meeting with my Artist’s Way group. We worked through the book in January – April 2021, and we’ve continued meeting every month since we finished. Great supportive group. They reminded me about Artist Dates! So, I’m looking forward to exploring, adventuring, collecting nature’s treasures.

beautifully cloudy sky and in the distance, swifts swooping
Can you see 2 swifts off in the distance? If not, I hope you enjoy the atmospheric sky at least!
elder tree, one last sprig of white flowers and lots of berries forming - still small and green
LiLi next brambles flowering and fruiting, with a ray of sunlight shining down on them

Q3 quarterly planning: Goal setting

So, I spent most of Sunday – and a good chunk of the early hours that followed – doing quarterly planning. I feel So Pumped about Q3 (July, August, September). I’ve not figured out how much to share, exactly, but I will say that the themes I’m focusing on are Health, Home & Heart. With my word for the quarter being Hope. Health is my main adventure and Home & Heart are my side quests. And I’ve listed 13 artist dates to take, and started booking & scheduling those, so that’s great!

I will probably share more about my goals as I achieve/miss them, so you’ll hear about them that way. In the meantime, my daily challenge for July is marvelling at the world, savouring experience, and sharing my appreciations.

Soundtrack to setting goals…

It’s hard to distinguish between being a consumer and being a citizen.

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

Money has replaced the vote.

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel 01:15

I don’t think you can honestly grasp the forces we’re up against, including the unravelling of the ecosystem, and not be filled with despair. The great existential crisis of our time is at once to understand the reality before us and then find the capacity to resist.

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel 01:16:30

This last quote summarises so much for me. I’m inspired by people who are doing this, and I’ve decided to be more like them.

If you haven’t seen The Corporation original, I recommend that too, but the new one is really excellent

Media: Stuff that made me laugh

Caminandes (series of 3 shorts, about 7 minutes total)