Weeknotes: Shape of this week for this writer – wavy

Ups and downs this week, deeply filled with purpose and despair, variously. Writing and trees are threads that sustain me through it, much of the time. But sometimes, all there is to do is curl up with ice cream and tv, or take a nap. Extremely thankful for the weekly routines that give shape to my week and help lift me out of the down cycles.

Expanse of blue sky - a break in the heavy grey clouds, tinged at their edges with such a bright light they're almost glowing. Cherry tree silhouette against the sky. Terraced houses in the background.

Monday, 5th

Blessed & beyond appreciation, full of awe.

I’m fuelled by a deep sense of purpose, a lot of sunlight and a little caffeine. I can feel my blood beating. It’s a little disturbing.

I’m lying down for deep rest meditation for the first time in ages, and I burst into tears with gratitude because I appreciate writer/writing organisations so much.

In particular, I’m feeling so full of appreciation for Spread the Word and WritersMosaic. I’ve always been a writer, for as long as I can remember, but these orgs have made it possible for me to just write, if I want. And that’s priceless.

I can’t believe this is my life.

Sunday, 11th ➝ Monday, 12th

I was really down on Sunday. Actually, Fri afternoon until Monday morning were pretty much write-offs. But with a new Monday comes a restart to all the routines that hold me together.

  • Writers’ Hour – I missed 8am, but I made it to 1pm – yay!
  • Creative Corner – a weekly hangout with a couple of writer friends, chatting & creating
  • Virtual face-to-face with colleagues on one of my external projects

Trees, nature, ecology

One of my favourite scientists, biochemist Beronda Montgomery in conversation with David George Haskell


Reflecting on the priorities of my own writing. I did a goal-setting workshop with the London Writers’ Salon this week, and then a former colleague asked me to tell her about my writing, so that helped me articulate some of this stuff too.

I’m mostly doing nature writing. So I’m working on a collection of poems & short stories. Primarily about trees & birds, although I’m occasionally veering off in other directions that interest me!

I wrote a children’s book about Ginkgo biloba trees & dinosaurs for my 4 year old nephew. That was super fun, so I’m working on the second book in the series now, which is Wollemi pines & dinos. And planning another on dawn redwoods & dinos after that. Yay!

I love planning. It’s articulating desires, dreams, intentions, goals on paper. It’s not about the plan — that will definitely change when it meets reality — it’s about talking with myself and clarifying what I want.

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