Weeknotes: Appreciation, affirmation and support

Appreciation, Affirmation & Support

I’m thinking about how there are so many individuals and organisations that support me. Here are some of them.

Organisations: Coaching, teaching, etc.

  • Conscious Growth Club – a year-long online coaching, community, and social support program by Steve Pavlina
  • The School of Life – a global organisation devoted to teaching folks how to lead a more fulfilled life
  • Writing classes & groups & workshops

Interests & hobbies

= Stuff I enjoy that I’m not monetizing.

I find it helpful to keep reminding myself of the interests and hobbies I have because I often forget! Also, stuff changes. Anyway, this is some of what I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Fanfiction

Climate solutions


Returning to the Imaginarium with Sarah Hymas

On Saturday, 14 Aug, I was at The Writers’ Imaginarium workshop with Sarah Hymas at the Winchester Poetry Festival. I loved it, it really helped me build on some thinking from the Climate Fresk workshop I did with Sophia Cheng, of With Many Roots, on Thursday, 12 Aug.

Sarah sent a follow-up email this week, so I thought I would use my weeknotes to reflect and ponder whilst watching a documentary, because Fast Brain is in the driving seat right now.

Trees, nature places & wild(-ish) spaces




To Be Human Is To Sing Your Own Song by Mary Oliver, in ‘Blue Horses’ collection. Saw this on @hellowriteclub’s Insta. You can listen to it (about 0:02:45 in) or read the text.

It has rained overnight – not a lot,
but enough to touch below the surface layer,
tempt or taunt or soothe the subsoil.

John Kinsella – Third Ecologue of the Vegetable Garden – love the dialogue between garden and gardener there


Star Trek & queerness 💜

2 minutes
30 minutes


‘I don’t even want a funeral… I want to be flytipped.’ Sean Lock
15 minutes

Rosie Jones

Sean Lock