Weeknotes: Flitting between trees, searching for home

Wow, not been this ‘late’ with my weeknotes in months! I’m moving. And it’s tiring. I’ll make this quick.

LiLi, wearing a reusable black face mask, and a disposable pale blue face mask beneath, with smiling eyes and a teal rollneck top, standing in front of an ash tree, with other trees in the background.

Started going to viewings. Looked at four places in three days and it was so exhausting that I spent pretty much the whole weekend watching TV and reading. Still fatigued. But a tiny walk refreshed me a tiny bit.

30 Aug – 5 Sep

A flock of tiny sparrows chattering away. A dog that barked like it would never stop. Mallow spreading in the verge, purple bells closing. Damselfly.

Unidentified flitting avians darting into/amongst/between trees.

The sudden urge to write returning as a pleasant surprise, an unexpected gift from a Sunday evening outdoors.


Maybe I did some??? Wait, I definitely did do some.

One thing I love is that I start every month with planning writing intentions with the London Writers’ Salon. (Check out this events listing towards the end of each month for the free goal setting workshops for writers.)

I’ve been oscillating amongst 4 types of writing behaviour:

  • Daily Doer: Writing consistently every day.
  • Scheduler: Looking a week or two ahead and booking writing time.
  • Crammer: Holing up in a room for a day (or more) to bang out a lot of writing in a short time period.
  • Spontaneous Hustler: Grabbing any writing opportunity as it appears throughout the day or week.

Wed-Fri I was the spontaneous hustler. Sat & Sun I was the crammer, then the scheduler.

Looking ahead being the daily doer again.

I have more spontaneous ideas for writing when I’m not dailying / cramming / scheduling. So that’s interesting. Like, the impulse to write is there, and seeks expression regardless of what’s going on with time for me.


Definitely saw some!!!

I saw bats, which was exciting. Only my second time ever seeing them. Twisting smudges in the sky. Low overhead.


  • Marathoning Star Trek DS9 & House MD
  • Probably some YouTube comedy, because there’s always YouTube comedy to watch!
  • Reading gay romance, that’s fun
Red flowers and lots of greenery in different shades in a terracotta pot with dramatic, colourful shadows, watercolour painting by LiLi