Weeknotes: Reflections on learning in September

I accidentally skipped a couple of weeks, and then I felt really behind and stopped weeknotes completely.

Here are some notes for/from 13-19 Sep, 20-26 Sep & 27 Sep – 3 Oct.

It’s the season of learning!

Well, it’s always a good time to learn for me, but there are definitely back to school vibes in the air for me at the moment.

I’m currently studying on 5 different weekly courses (10+ hours per week!):

  • Ecopoetry, with Safiya Kinshasa, WEA
  • Nature writing, WEA
  • Writing beyond the environment, Emergence Magazine
  • Art and nature, with Karen Davies, WEA
  • Painting fairies, with Faye Greening, WEA

Plus, I’m doing emotional group work, practising art and movement oriented around metamorphosis, and lessons from nature, each week.

Practising drawing and watercolours too. I got watercolour pencils and water brushes this week, and I love them! Even more excited to draw and paint now.


And napping, or at least resting. And keeping in touch with friends. And watching sense 8, Star Trek DS9 and House MD.

Stuff, organising, sorting, packing, streamlining

I’m getting coaching around organising stuff. Streamlining with Paul Sockett and a ADHD Bootcamp with Dusty Chipura (two full weekends)

I’m getting ready to move house, so very timely.

I’m pretty tired, but mostly not overwhelmed. Yet another reason I’m so grateful to be self-employed! 🥳


Writing & other kinds of creating

Red-faced bird with pink & black beak, looking over the shoulder of it's golden brown, yellow, black and white body.
Goldfinch, unfinished

Reflecting on Writers Imaginarium

We got some great questions and prompts shortly after the Sarah Hymas’ Writer’s Imaginarium at a literary festival. I’ve been responding, slowly. Musing to myself.

Stuff I want

  • More week-long writing courses that include mentoring (like the Arvon course I did)
  • Giving and getting feedback on a regular basis
    • I think I’ll start planning what to share in my Sunday writing sessions
    • And look towards participating in at least one other open mic or feedback session elsewhere
  • More paid residencies, especially nature writing specifically – seek! find! apply!

Stuff I’m looking forward to

  • Weekly poetry courses with the WEA
  • Protecting writing time for playful experiments, generating new work, and editing

Trees & other nature stuff


Listened to this radio show that was basically made for me. 🥰 (I’m a huge crocodilian enthusiast). The Evolution of Crocodiles kept me company on a lonely Thursday evening.



Fledgling by Octavia Butler was great. All of Octavia Butler is great.

Lexicon by Max Barry. I used to read a lot of Max Barry, loved going back to him and reading stuff he’s written since then


I read some and enjoyed it, I don’t remember exactly what right now.


Following the perfect timing of The Evolution of Crocodiles, I think listening to the radio is my latest defence against loneliness at night. Here’s some of the shows I’ve been enjoying this week.



Or, watch the EXTENDED version of “When Adele Wasn’t Adele”