About LiLi : facilitator, coach, writer

Standing with a microphone


LiLi regularly designs and leads workshops to include & engage everyone, and worked with groups of 300 in Seattle & 100 in Hamburg in 2019.

In 2019, LiLi supported people in recovering from burnout at Afrotech Fest in London and Margins tech conference in Nottingham. They have successfully delivered wellbeing workshops at Shelter, a charity focused on ending homelessness and bad housing, as well as other organisations.

Working as part of a team, LiLi Kathleen organises the Liberating Structures London user group and leads 2-day immersion workshops to help people have better interactions.


As an Agile Coach in tech, LiLi looks out for individual & team health, creating environments that help people thrive and facilitating effective work practices. Their continued learning about wellbeing supports them personally, as well as helping those around them.


1 of 12 writers selected for The Future is Back creative writing scheme in 2019, LiLi is writing a speculative fiction novel about a scientist, an artist and a dragon, as well as a secular companion to The Artist’s Way.

& another thing, or two…

LiLi loves trees, crocodiles and bullet journalling, and is usually happy to enthuse about any and all of these. 🐊

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What else?

I love watching nature documentaries and dance films, learning about plant-based nutrition (thanks Nutrition Facts) and editing CVs.

Oh, and I find budgeting relaxing but only because of You Need a Budget, I found it impossible before that!