Weeknotes: Break down to break through, rollercoaster week

The memory of it is already hazy, tbh, but I think it’s been a rollercoaster of a week. Highlights include writing, sketching, lots of reading, lots of comedy. And, hopefully, a place of my own. 6 – 12 Sep Writing &co I had three great writing sessions, but otherwise I was a bit all over […]

Weeknotes: Flitting between trees, searching for home

Wow, not been this ‘late’ with my weeknotes in months! I’m moving. And it’s tiring. I’ll make this quick. Started going to viewings. Looked at four places in three days and it was so exhausting that I spent pretty much the whole weekend watching TV and reading. Still fatigued. But a tiny walk refreshed me […]

Weeknotes: Delighting in dance, photography, maps and song explorations

Mapping connections amongst my explorations. Exploring different arts & media to create & collate inspiration from so many sources. Music takes greater prominence with songwriting & a new music section. Writing & creating art explorations I’ve been exploring lots of different media this week: ✨ Emotion Through Motion – wellness with drawing, music, dancing, yin […]

Weeknotes: Appreciation, affirmation and support

Appreciation, Affirmation & Support I’m thinking about how there are so many individuals and organisations that support me. Here are some of them. Organisations: Coaching, teaching, etc. Conscious Growth Club – a year-long online coaching, community, and social support program by Steve Pavlina The School of Life – a global organisation devoted to teaching folks […]

Weeknotes: Playing with poetry, experimenting and enjoying different forms

Practising joy & relaxation, liberation, restoration I didn’t do much writing on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning, and I was miserable. There were a few causes for the misery, but one of them was not writing. Wednesday afternoon I wrote some of the things I wanted to write, did a deep rest meditation and went […]

Weeknotes: Practising relaxing & how I want to improve my writing

Wed, 11 Aug: If you’re new to writing, if you’ve not done any in a while, if you write all the time —If you feel unsure in woods, comfortable in wild places, or somewhere inbetween —You’re so welcome to explore nature writing online wherever you are. Join us on Wed, 11 Aug, 7pm BST! ➝ […]

Weeknotes: Accomplishments and remembering how to relax

It’s okay to overwork for a limited time, I think. Dangerous, as a recovering workaholic, but okay when it’s crunch time for good reason. The problem is after two weeks of solidly working, I’d forgotten how to relax… It took me half of Saturday to remember. (And then I spent most of Sunday watching films, […]

Weeknotes: Plant nerds unite, whilst writers write

42 hours and 45 minutes of writing so far in July. Way to go LiLi! Plant nerdery achieved to new heights this week. And I reconnected with my love of sketching plants whilst hanging out with fellow enthusiasts, exploring botanical colonialism and queer ecology. What a week, basically. And now Black Botanists’ Week 2021 is […]

Weeknotes: Lots of writing, reading and routines – yay!

Exploring further the weekly routines that give shape to my week and help lift me out of down cycles. Started a weekly walk after therapy and trying out walking in the mornings around 10am, after an hour of writing (8 am) and an hour of working on external projects or admin (9 am). I’ve been […]

Weeknotes: Shape of this week for this writer – wavy

Ups and downs this week, deeply filled with purpose and despair, variously. Writing and trees are threads that sustain me through it, much of the time. But sometimes, all there is to do is curl up with ice cream and tv, or take a nap. Extremely thankful for the weekly routines that give shape to […]