Liberating Structures 📚

Dive in: Quick start for learning & support

  • Check out the Calendar for global and local events (most, if not all, are online during the pandemic); loads going on, mostly free
  • Join the Slack for access to the global Liberating Structures community. Massive range of experience, lots of helpful folks willing to share and huge array of practitioners

Intro: What are Liberating Structures?

Liberating Structures are a growing set of tools for better communication across organisations, in teams and individually. I use them in my professional and personal life extensively.

  • I was an organiser for Liberating Structures London for two years. Follow them on Twitter
  • I co-designed and co-led three immersion workshops in London with Happy
  • I facilitated sessions with 300 participants in Seattle and 100 participants in Hamburg for the first Global and European gatherings, respectively

Here’s a comprehensive description of LS as an interaction language.

This is a collection of resources so you can get more from them too. If you’re interested in team building and facilitation, you may want to check out my collection of Agile & Scrum Mastery resources too.

Short link to this page:

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Getting started with Liberating Structures

I think the most beginner friendly way of learning about Liberating Structures is to experience them.

There are a lot of user groups & meetups specifically for that, depending on where you’re based, including remote ones. I used to co-organise the London one. Check out International & Europe too.

In the meantime, I recommend reading The Liberators’ articles.

Resources: Getting support

Join the Liberating Structures Slack (LS Slack)

  • #wisecrowds channel for support with, and feedback on, ideas you share
  • #virtual channel for what’s going on remotely, include events you can join

Attend local user groups around the world: International & Europe

📅 Check out this events calendar, includes virtual and in person (or see #events channel on Slack)

🔗 Liberating Structures website, including Getting started with Liberating Structures

🦸🏿‍♀️ Check out The Liberators for many, many, many more up-to-date resources on Liberating Structures, by Barry Overeem & Christiaan Verwijs

📕 The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures: Simple Rules to Unleash A Culture of Innovation by Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless

📝 LS Selection Matchmaker for guidance with choosing which Liberating Structures to use in your interactions

🚧 LS in development for newer Liberating Structures (things not on the LS website or in the LS book)

Liberating Structures app on Google Play and Apple App Store

Some Liberating Structures experiences

Facilitating sessions with hundreds of participants

I co-hosted one session for 100 people and delivered sessions on writing and gratitude for smaller groups at the Liberating Structures European Learning Gathering. 🎉

Agile and Liberating Structures

Solo Liberating Structures

I use Min Specs or Spiral Journal roughly every week. Ask me how!

Practising self care & wellbeing with Liberating Structures

You can use my slides for ‘Practical self care & community care: How to recover from burnout and get our energy back’ on your own, or get in touch with me. Happy to guide people through it.

Past events

Afrotech Fest, April 2019

Global Gathering, March 2019

300 Liberating Structures practitioners met at the Global Gathering in Seattle, 13-15 March 2019. I led 3 sessions and live streamed some elements of the event. Check out my impressions and learn about my experiences of connecting 🙌🏿

Leading immersion workshops, Dec 2018, May 2019 & Oct 2019

Liberating Structures I talk about a lot

Some Liberating Structures have become staples of my practice:

  • Spiral Journal
  • 10×10 Writing
  • 15% Solutions
  • Tiny Demons (and Superheroes)
  • What, So what, Now what (W3)

If you’re interested in the invitations I commonly use with these Liberating Structures, let me know on Twitter and I’ll share them as and when I prioritise and have capacity.

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