How I bullet journal: Bujo 2.0

I’m learning more about how to bullet journal with the official book and a TED talk by the author, Ryder Carroll. And checking out loads of other bullet journalling resources. I used to bullet journal consistently, and then I just stopped. I don’t remember why. When life was getting overwhelming, I started again this week. […]

The week that started 1st July

Celebrating writing poetry after a long break, feeding my artist (metaphorically and literally), returning to my bullet journalling and DANCING. With dreams. And desires. Writing poetry I did it! Not written poetry in months, and this week I did. Thank you Dean! Having friends read my poetry aloud is utterly delicious. Image: The selfie that […]

The week that started Monday, 24th June 2019

In which LiLi aims for ⁠— and achieves!⁠ — a better balance of achievement, connection and enjoyment this week. And practices some of what they preach about recovering from burnout. Yay! How are you looking after yourselves today? 💭 In order to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing, we need to balance what we do. […]