The week that started 27th April 2020

Cheap stationery So, The Science of Wellbeing reminding me that stuff is inherently disappointing, despite what our biased intuitions tell us, helped me kick my expensive stationery cravings. So, I switched from Ryman’s and Paperchase to The Works. As a result, I learned about this innovation – paper you can write on underwater, and it […]

The week that started 14th October

Connecting with trees and chilling by water I began the week chilling by Lilla Värten, a strait in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s so beautiful. Continued by walking along, and over, the River Thames in London. Ended the week by speeding over Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. These views are a timely reminder that working a full-time […]

Be more effective! Creating meaning, improving mood & achieving goals

Last Friday, I sat down to refocus on my goals and priorities. Something I presented in a Recovering Energy hack and tell I shared at work last month prompted me; I’ll get on to that shortly. I took a lot of time and self-compassion to do this recentring work – a day of collaging, thinking and writing. […]