How to be more grateful, every day (using Liberating Structures)

On Friday, 9th August 2019, Tas & I led a session on gratitude at the Liberating Structures European Learning Gathering in Hamburg. It was so productive and creative. Really useful. That’s the power of Liberating Structures! Purpose of the session Building a daily & sustainable gratitude practice Deepening gratitude practice over time Wish you’d been […]

The week that started 5th August

Most of this week I was in Hamburg for the Liberating Structures European Learning Gathering (LSELG). It was pretty great. Before that I caught up with my friend in Texas, Nakia; and talked with David – the other co-organiser of Liberating Structures London – about the user group. My highlights of the gathering Collaboration! I […]

The week that started Monday, 24th June 2019

In which LiLi aims for ⁠— and achieves!⁠ — a better balance of achievement, connection and enjoyment this week. And practices some of what they preach about recovering from burnout. Yay! How are you looking after yourselves today? 💭 In order to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing, we need to balance what we do. […]

Connecting at Liberating Structures Global Gathering 2019, and beyond: There and back again 🚶🏿‍♀️

It’s all about connecting together, communication and collaboration. “What’s important?”, asked Tas.Kathleen thought for a moment, before asserting, “People & Relationships”. Before arriving in Seattle, I set myself the intention of amplifying connection at the Global Gathering. I prepared to do that by: Ordering a box of blank cards to turn into impromptu business cards, […]

My experience of the first Global Gathering, day 1

Before the Global Gathering During day 1 of the Global Gathering After day 1 of the Global Gathering With everlasting thanks to Nakia, Christina, Lotus, Derek, Steph, Claudia, Amber, Oscar, Todd, Nathan for having my back, nourishing my spirit and replenishing my grace. Thank you everyone who participated in the session I offered for your […]

Delivering outcomes with distributed teams using Liberating Structures

By using Liberating Structures you can learn how to: Identify and mitigate risk across multiple teams and organisations. Effectively measure progress and demonstrate value for a distributed team. Run effective workshops, with a flexible design and toolkit. Tried and tested with: 20 people from 5 organisations, working in the same location, but usually based in […]