11 indulgent foods for under £15, and they’re vegan

Lately, food has just been a bit of a struggle. But these foods still appeal to me when my appetite is fluctuating. Tesco prices, unless specified otherwise 11 delights for £15 Croquettes: Just mashed potato covered in breadcrumbs, but feels so fancy. Not every brand of these is vegan, but McCains are. £1.50 Similarly, McCain […]

Getting healthier: Eating even MORE plants

I realised I had more I wanted to share about whole-food plant-based eating immediately after writing and publishing Enjoying veganism: How to eat more plants. So, welcome to Part 2: Getting healthier: Eating even MORE plants    Getting healthier with plant-based veganism How to eat a whole-food plant-based diet: People have different ideas about what’s healthy, but this is […]

Enjoying veganism: How to eat more plants

For new vegans, vegan curious people and anyone who wants to eat a healthier diet and enjoy veganism. I’ve been vegan for around 10 years and so people tend to ask me for recipes, recommendations and so on. I thought I would collect together some of my experiences with veganism and share what I’ve found useful.    […]