Inspiration, innovation and inclusion in tech: Enthusing about Afrotech Fest excellence

Afrotech Fest on 26-27 January 2018 was incredible. My mind is whirling with the inspiration, delight and excellence. Early on in the event there was the Showcase Hour, for attendees to share projects and pitches. I’m signal boosting participants and sharing resources on how to improve inclusion and diversity in tech and elsewhere.

Check out everyone who shared something: ‘Showcase Hour’ Twitter list.

If you were there and notice I missed anyone, please do tweet me @gobrightly and let me know.

Photo of LiLi Kathleen on a screen as part of the Black Techies project exhibition that has inclusion at its heart

Nothing about us without us

I’m so impressed with the innovation and dedicated hard work evident in these projects. Innovation that is Not. Possible. Without. Us. Speaking of which, I have so much musing and sharing to do on inclusion and diversity. For now, I want to share some resources from two people who did an amazing job speaking on D&I at Afrotech Fest.

Thank you so much Ian Forrester and Chisa Nwabara, you were so compelling. I want everyone with any doubts about the urgent and pressing need for inclusion and diversity to hear you speak. Or, at least, to look at your brilliant slide decks.

Check out the summary and slides of Ian’s keynote Diversity and the joy of being different. Loads of great videos, facts & figures and links to source material in the slides.

Updated 31/01: Check out the slides from Chisa’s workshop on What the Matrix can Teach Us on D&I: Diversity & Inclusion Lessons from ‘The Matrix’ for practical guidance on how to improve inclusion and diversity at your organisation. I recommend her great video Allyship 101: How to Build Empathy for Minorities too.

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Shoutout to Anaïs* for your tweets on the Showcase Hour and recordings of the closing poem – thank you.
* @LifeWithAnais | @story_and_her

Nikky* brought together the magic of Afrotech Fest into poetry. You can experience some of it in these video clips.
@mystorybookcase | Becoming Storybook

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The pitch I gave in an alternate universe

I’m LiLi (pronounced ‘lee-lee’).

I’m writing a recipe book for eating well when fatigued. It’s called Eating Without Spoons. I’m enthusiastic about wellbeing, nutrition and delicious veganism, so that all comes together.

I’m a Scrum Master who loves supporting people into that role. So if you’re new to it or interested in learning more about it, let me know. Especially if you’re based in London and don’t have a technical background. No charge. You’ll find it interesting if collaboration, communication, facilitation, and coaching appeal to you. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

I love CVs. So, I’d be happy to take a look at yours and give you tips. I’m a grammar nerd and I like to use my powers for good. No charge.

I don’t use Facebook and often miss events when people only share on that platform. There are so many places to look for marginalised community events, too many to keep track. I want one place I can go to to find out what’s coming up. I would love a platform that aggregates events for us. Interested? Let’s work together.

What next?

I’m looking forward to…

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