Weeknotes: Happy Pride! Full of feels, friendship & summer peonies

Writing So, I wrote on Monday & Tuesday this week, which meant I got to a streak of 6 days before I took a break from writing on Wednesday. Mondays – Wednesdays are my heaviest days when it comes to working with/for other people, so this is great going. Thursdays are days off for decompressing, […]

Weeknotes: How to create nourishing writing environments & freelance responsibly

On the joy of autonomy & the responsibility of freelancing Enjoying writing Right now, it’s 23:09 on Thursday, 17 June 2021. I’m blasting music in my bedroom and singing along. Sitting up in bed and chair dancing. An hour ago, I started working on the second issue of my Tree Tales series – creative non-fiction […]

Weeknotes: 7 rest types & livetweeting Short Fiction Festival Weekend

Taking care of myself My favourite things that happened this week When the child I tutor asked what I’ve been doing, and I said: – I’m writing a collection of poetry about trees. – Does that mean I’ll be able to go to the library and see your book there? – *Stunned & so touched* […]

Weeknotes: How to be creative as a writer and entrepreneur

2-for-1 on weeknotes today, since I skipped last week for some reason. Mostly about writing and trees, for a change… 😉 How to be creative Just do something. Anything. Take action I listened to this episode Taking Action on Your Ideas with Noah Kagan of the YNAB podcast at the end of May. Loved the […]