About Kathleen

I’m passionate about wellbeing, becoming agile and learning. I love plants, books and writing. I support people working together to fix problems themselves and keep improving.

I taught myself how to write HTML as a teen in the 90s. And I’m still excited about digital. I learned how to cook at a 100% volunteer-run, vegan co-operative cafe. And I still love cooking. I’ve always loved writing and that takes many forms now. I sporadically share recipes for my recipe book Eating Without Spoons. More often, I write about Scrum Mastery and wellbeing. Sometimes I write poetry.

You can find out more about my employment history on LinkedIn

Portrait of LiLi Kathleen Bright whilst commuting and wearing headphones Portrait of LiLi Kathleen Bright, with trees in the background, photo by my Mum (@bridaliciously) Portrait of LiLi Kathleen Bright, under pink polka dot umbrella, wearing a pink and black scarf and holding a commuter cup; self-portrait

I love to inspire and motivate teams of enthusiastic individuals. With more than 10 years of digital knowledge and experience, as well as 5 years of facilitation and consensus building, I bring tonnes of enthusiasm too.

Sustainable working environments

Not-for-profit work and non-hierarchical structures strongly resonate with my values, but there are other exceptional places that break the mould too. I have digital experience in a variety of organisations, from small to large, charities to corporations, employment to freelancing and digital to analogue. I strive towards creating and nurturing an environment of trust, openness and energy.

I’m obsessed with agile (in a healthy way!) and regularly go to agile events. Check my calendar to see what I plan to attend.


In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, pilates and delicious vegan food. Playing tabletop games is fun too, especially co-operative ones where everyone wins (or loses!) together. I’m a prolific diarist and have been for as long as I can remember.

Certified Lean Kanban Foundation, 2015
Certified Scrum Product Owner, 2014

Illustration of LiLi Kathleen excited with the word "WOOT!" appearing in bubble writing