The week that started 25th May 2020

LILi is sat up in bed, facing the camera with a neutral expression, propped on their lap is a laptop and notebook on a cushion. That laptop has Afrotech Fest stickers and a sticker that reads 'may the FLOW be with you'. In the background in a lamp and some index cards fixed to the bed.
the artist in their writing space
inspired by 100+ Famous Authors and Their Writing Spaces

Writing ALL the things

I got really behind with my weeknotes… Whoops!

I’ve been writing other things instead:

  • speculative short story about a world that values busyness over everything else, and the radicals resisting that; I find sci-fi so hard to write, not happy with this one (yet) but really glad I did it
  • short story (or perhaps the start of something longer) told entirely in queer dating/friending profiles and messages, instagram, email and diary entries; pretty fun to write
  • weird aubade (like a seranade, but morning instead of evening) about feelings and large bodies of water

And, I submitted some poems for publication, which I’m really excited about. First time I’ve done that. Planning to continue.

Learning, writing: How to write

I attended 2 workshops with Anthony Anaxagorou this week, and they were excellent. I knew they would be, but they exceeded my expectations still.

Poetry readings, audio & written

I attended Uniqlo Tate Lates: Night In online (stream 2, video no longer available). Unfortunately, looks like the Tate has made the video private now. I’ve left the link in in case they change that in future.

So great that museums are creating virtual events and not only streaming them live, but leaving them up to enjoy later. (Hm, well, I take that last bit back…! 😅) I hope they continue when social distancing isn’t so much of a focus. Love that I can experience museums from home/wherever; makes the world more accessible.

Hadn’t encountered Raymond Antrobus before. Love events for widening my world. Like, I hadn’t encountered Anthony Anaxagorou before the free Xriss Xross poetry festival last year, by the Poetry School, and I feel so grateful to experience his teaching.

I’m reading a lot of Caribbean literature at the moment*, mostly Windrush generation. In this poetry reading I encountered Kamau Brathwaite (Bajan) for the first time. Raymond Antrobus read from Negus by Kamau Braithwaire, and just, wow. I am blown away.

* Recently read The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon (Trini) and The Final Passage by Caryl Phillips (Kittian).

I love the rumination of Mostly I Don’t Want to Have a Son by Natalie Shapero.

I started a spreadsheet of all the tree names I know in English, Latin / scientific and German. Love tree nerdery.

Walking, sitting & seeking peace of mind

Adwo (peace, calmness, tranquillity, quiet): A symbol of serenity, peace, calmness:
Even in the face to challenges and trials, having a sense of calmness and serenity within you can lessen the impact of the chaos on the outside.
Peace of mind is of utmost importance and you can achieve it by staying still and composed in trying times.
Dove on a television aerial against a serenely blue sky
Butterfly bathed in sunlight on a bramble leaf emerging from a clump of ivy leaves in dappled shadow