What to write when you’re stuck & the last minute approaches

Okay, this is pretty meta, so bear with me…

It was getting late and I still hadn’t thought of what to blog about for today, much less written something. So, I headed to a search engine and looked for ‘what should I blog about quiz’ & ‘what should I blog about today’.

Writing a last minute blog

Purple figure thinking and writing, with docs and videos around them
last minute blog

What should I blog about today?

These were the most helpful articles I found:

I didn’t get a response for right now (unless you count this, which I guess I am by posting it 😅). However, I got loads of great ideas for writing about asynchronous collaboration & communication skills. Which is on my list of stuff to do, so that feels energising to have so many ideas percolating now.

I’ve been microlearning about writing good headlines too. I remembered reading Copyblogger about 15 years ago when I’d been blogging for just a few years. It was good to see that Brian Clark’s still sharing great advice. And I found some other sources of wisdom too.

Writing headlines: Some faves I encountered

And this one I want to come back to for future entrepreneurship stuff: 9 Steps to Write Your Ultimate Home Page Headline

An idea that I’ve read more than once in learning about copywriting is that it’s often harder for writers to do it. Okay then, challenge accepted!

Soundtrack to my life: Songs that feel like theme tunes lately