Weeknotes: Heavenly intersection between trees and writing, pure delight

Nerding out about trees

The Urban Tree Festival came at just the right time. 9 days of intensely pleasurable tree nerdery when I have a schedule that’s flexible enough to take full advantage of it.


I don’t want the Urban Tree Festival to end. But it will. When it does, I’m intending to nerd out with recordings of previous tree events, such as these

And some live events and courses too.

illustrated sketch of a gnarled tree, with the trees branches falling in front of the page, green pointed leaves and catkins
Silver birch, by LiLi, in excellent Tree Stewarding session with Stephanie Whitelaw, as part of the Urban Tree Festival


I’m excited about writing. Because my leap of faith into freelancing is paying off, and I actually am writing again.

On writing

Running my fingers over the soil of newly planted soil, I feel for sprouts.
These are ready for transplanting.

Lift them carefully into their next homes.

Here, I’m planting them into fresh beds.

I almost didn’t go out into the garden at all.
But, last week, a friend and I agreed we would.
And so, here we are.

Scrubbing around in our own little patches of earth.
Delighted by what we find — 
Wanting to do better — 

Practising patience.

I live therefore I create.

Freelance foibles: Learn by failing forward

Or, How to start, continue & stop?! Same skills needed for all three, I think.

Stuff that’s working for me

  • Body doubling! Especially with people I don’t know that well
  • Polyphasic working: 9am – 12noon, 2pm/3pm/4pm – 10pm (ish).
    • Basically, I need a nap in the afternoon, and
    • I work in the evenings & at night
  • Doing annoying admin or focus work during body doubling
  • Working for other people in short bursts at the start of the day
  • Writing in a) writing workshops, and b) body doubling with other writers
  • Morning pages, but shorter
  • Daily tree meditations first thing
  • Transition time between different things
  • A few things scheduled here and there

Stuff that doesn’t work for me

  • Working with other people who have nearly no capacity
  • Working 9 til 5
  • Skipping naps
  • Being booked back to back
  • Overscheduling

Which do you prefer? A busy calendar or a free calendar?

Last Thursday, in my public speaking club, I was asked whether I prefer a busy calendar or a free calendar. I used to be busy, all the time — I have loads of interests… — but now… I’m breaking that habit. I’m enjoying being super busy with the Urban Tree Festival lately, and I’m also looking forward to returning to swathes of unscheduled time.

ADHD stuff

I do actually love proofing stuff tho, haha

Wow, there are so many ADHD discords & patreons. I mentioned some in my last weeknotes: Black Girl Lost Keys, £4+ & Translating ADHD, £4+.

I’ve been enjoying…

Comedy is what’s sustaining me lately. I keep forgetting.