My experience of the first Global Gathering, day 1

selfie of LiLi Kathleen, a look of surprise, blue skies and a yellow jumper

Before the Global Gathering

Dry grass in a heat wave, with dandelions in the foreground
Rain in London, lots of people with umbrellas, red bus in the background (Central London, England, UK)
Beautiful lake in Seattle, lots of blue water and blue sky, boats in the distance (Lake Union, Seattle, Washington, USA)

During day 1 of the Global Gathering

Water pouring from a fire hydrant

After day 1 of the Global Gathering

Black person under a refreshing and expansive waterfall, they have a huge grin on their face with arms wide and fists clenched

With everlasting thanks to Nakia, Christina, Lotus, Derek, Steph, Claudia, Amber, Oscar, Todd, Nathan for having my back, nourishing my spirit and replenishing my grace.

Drawing of one purple star person and one green star person, they're mostly within a large circle, which is surrounded by spirals. Top right hand corner reads: 'our whole selves'

Thank you everyone who participated in the session I offered for your wisdom, compassion and experiences.

So much I want to explore further, for now here’s the session I designed: Caring for one and all: Helping organisations be more humane. Feel free to use it; please let me know how that goes, I’d love to continue the conversation in whatever forms I can.

3 sheets of A5 paper, which read: Unlock Joy via Improv! :) + Be present to others by minimizing my own 'contaminating' thoughts & perceptions Productivity isn't versus Humanity. + Start convo at work: wat does it mean for workplaces to be more humane? Other people care about joy too.

Thank you Anna for the metaphor that inspired this post.

Sheet of paper that reads 'Black & POC Liberation' with drawings of star-people, arms up, and a large spiral

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