The week that started 13th April 2020

Learning things

So, this week I started a free course called The Science of Well-being. It’s by psychology professor Laurie Santos of Yale and it’s on Coursera (love Coursera). Grateful to my colleague for letting me know about it, because it’s brilliant. Whizzed through week 1, and now practising using my character strengths.

Regardless of if you do the course or not, I recommend you find out what your strengths are, and use your results to explore ways to use them. Both available free:

Because I did I started a Modern Art & Ideas course to use my signature strength of curiosity, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s so fascinating. Completed the first two weeks of the course in two days. 😅

Really wrestling with mood, motivation and energy this week. Studying is helping a lot.


Randomly, encountered so many words I didn’t know before this week

  • enceinte (from Belgravia)
    • noun, a line of fortification enclosing a castle or town; also, the area so enclosed
    • adjective, pregnant
  • pelagic (from Two Trees Make a Forest: On Memory, Migration and Taiwan by Jessica J. Lee)
    • adjective, of, relating to, living in or occurring in the open sea
  • virtuosic (from Cries and Whispers live recording below)
    • adjective, displaying or characterised by exceptional technical skill in music or another artistic pursuit.
Found this recording from the Manchester Collective when I was looking at upcoming Nature Unwrapped events, wondering about possible futures in which I might be able to attend