Weeknotes: Designing better lives by mining the multiverse 🖌️

What am I excited about today?

What are 3 things I did well today?

starting & ending each day by reflecting on these questions

I’m really proud of myself for:

My week in pictures

How noodling about on YouTube is changing my life

I watched 3 incredible videos on Friday & Saturday, that I think are changing my life already. Also, this week I went to my first Toastmasters meeting, so coincidentally one step closer to being on a TED stage myself…!

Simple ways to figure out a better life for yourself

Oh! That’s what Design Thinking is. I want to learn more about this and practise immediately!

What I did this weekend

  • Exploring the multiverse: 5 year planning for 3 lives – so fun! And I love the structuring around the 3 categories for those lives, and that’s what emerged for me when I did the activity. I gave my alternative lives code names: Project Alocasia, Project Begonia, and Project Pothos.
  • Introspecting on Life, the Universe & Everything: Wrote down my Work view and my Life view, i.e. answered these questions – Why do I work? and Why am I here?

If it’s not actionable, it’s not a problem, it’s a circumstance. If it’s a circumstance, accept it.

On gravity problems

Next steps for my better lives

  • Prototype, i.e. ask interesting questions to expose assumptions: “What would it be like if I tried…?”
    • Conversations around Plan Alocasia
    • Experiences – proposing a partnership around a Plan Begonia initiative
  • Eliminate options down to 3, pick 1 and then listen to my gut
  • Practise letting go and moving on. I watched a video recently that was talking about loss aversion bias, and how to tackle it by focusing on what you want to gain. Wish I could remember which one it was, but what I remember: Say, “I’m not focusing on that (the loss) right now; I’m focusing on [the gains].”

How to get support: Together, we can make our dreams real

I encountered Barbara’s video by accident exactly when I needed it.

I was reading articles & watching videos about how to work/study asynchronously with ADHD, and thinking about wanting support and social learning. Because I know those make a big difference for me.

And I was looking into ideas and techniques because there are some course I want to sign up for, and I’m hesitant because they’re asynchronous, which often doesn’t work for me. I’m practising my asynchronous learning skills with the Amplify course I’m doing.

How to learn asynchronously – some tips based on what I’m finding useful

  • Use multiple media approaches: Try out different things to see what works for you, what gets in your way, and to come up with plans and mitigations (including stuff like support, self-compassion and such)
    • Daily drawing diaries are helping me reflect each day, for example
    • Regularly drawing is developing my visual thinking skills too, so I find myself often drawing out models of what I’m imagining or learning, which is helping me remember more and communicate better
  • Make it sync: Include some sync stuff, eg coworking or having a body double, pairing (working together on a problem, eg pair programming), regular sync check-ins
  • Explain/teach to someone else
  • Practice papers, ie find weak spots and then revise/practise those (rather than reviewing all notes)
  • Understand how you study – what’s your process?
  • “Understand the way you digest information 
  • “Plan for it, study for it, set those things up 

What I did this weekend

Next steps for getting support

The Importance of Play, Others & Downtime or Here’s How Dolphins Remember How To Human Better Than Us 🐬

  • Play
  • Others
  • Downtime

What I did this week

  • Booked retreats for April, 2 x scheduled ones and 1 x unscheduled. Yay!

Next steps for playing & resting

  • Protect Unscheduled Time at the weekends
  • Make a toy box of fun things, like craft materials, books I want to read and such
  • Schedule breaks between things for transition times
  • For the unscheduled retreat, I want to plan which meditations to use.

Freelancing, entrepreneurship, side gigs

Do you know your earning potential? Quick & easy quiz that I found helpful, from I Will Teach You To Be Reach, by Ramit Sethi


In Weeknotes: What’s your creative process? Here, I’ll show you mine… 🎥🖌️ I shared some image libraries. Since then I learned about a couple of other resources I want to share:

Love watching random things, haha