Curiosity-driven learning: Following joy by wandering the web

wilfing noun the activity of browsing the Internet without any particular purpose

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Octalysis: Gamification & behavioural change

Harness the power of play 😍

Yu-kai Chou

Within an hour I’d signed up to Octalysis Prime on a $1, 30 day trial:

  1. Looked at OP website
  2. Watched TED Talk
  3. Did a quiz to unlock the trial
  4. Internally screamed “Take my money!”
  5. Paid

Wait, how did I end up signing up for yet another course?!



Steve Pavlina: Embrace your love of doing ALL the things!

My point is that you don’t have to go after the option that makes you the most money. You can pursue many different interests and still find a creative mix that allows you to earn money AND maintain an abundant lifestyle AND be happy AND make a difference. It’s a huge mistake to pursue money at all costs, especially if you have to sacrifice so many of the things you love doing. Do what you enjoy, and leave the extra money on the table.

What If You Have Many Different Interests and Cannot Commit to Any of Them? – Steve Pavlina

^ This is very timely & sage advice for an overachiever recovering from work addiction… 😅

Outward flowing energy involves creation and giving. Inward flowing energy involves acquiring and receiving. Although these two energies may seem similar, they’re actually very distinct creatures.

Polarity – Steve Pavlina

I’m wondering about this, because Steve argues that having outward flowing energy and inward flowing energy simultaneously will cancel each other out. Whereas, I think it’s human to have a bunch of stuff going on and I find it hard to accept that will lead to an overall decrease in energy. Having started studying Octalysis, I think that framework agrees. I’ll think more about this. It’s whirring around my brain a lot right now!

When you make plans, realize that the purpose of planning is to focus your present-moment decisions. It is NOT to create a map of the future, which is outside of your control (and your consciousness) anyway. You need only do enough planning to achieve clarity in the present moment. When you have clarity, further planning is unnecessary. So when you create plans, do so with the intention of generating clarity in the here and now.

Steve Pavlina, Regretting Tomorrow


YNAB: You need a budget, especially if you have variable income: Here’s how

Interested in learning about variable income, but then also got curious about getting a month ahead of expenses too.

Getting a month ahead

That’s pretty ambitious for me at the moment, given I’m already saving 20% of my income into a freelance fund.

I’m not scrumping on spending either: I spent £1650 on learning & development last month and £200 on retreats and yin yoga.

I love how this video focuses on making small changes to gradually achieve this goal. And I’m motivated by the flexibility and calmness it provides. Budgeting with YNAB already eliminated so much money stress in the 3.5 years I’ve been using it.

More info

Variable income

 How to Budget With Irregular Income | You Need A Budget


  • Put aside £10 for next month
  • Get specific about what my freelance fund is and isn’t for
  • Budget for tech expenses

Alternative futures!