How to learn about trees: Lessons from an enthusiast

On developing tree nerdery

single cherry blossom with leaves in my hand
  • Hang out with trees and naturalists. Learn from folks who know more than you do
  • Spend quiet/quality time in the woods. Practise being comfortable in nature.
  • Observe. Use your senses to learn more.
  • Make it social: Invite your friends to wander in woods with you. Make new friends amongst tree enthusiasts. Look for tree walks and nature meetups
  • Participate in tree courses, for example, by Field Studies Council
  • Expand your interests to related subjects/areas/themes, such as, birds, fungi, lichen, soil, permaculture, nature in general
  • Enjoy podcasts, videos, shows, and so, for example:
  • Check out tree-related books, for yourself and for any children in your life. (I get most of my books second-hand from eBay, and occasionally from museums and bookshops. I like the Natural History Museum’s shop.)
  • Make a list of tree courses, plan out a year’s worth of learning activities and start a tree fund line in your budget… 😆
cherry blossom and sky