What time is it? Adventure Time: I’m going freelance!

I have news. 

I’ve decided to leave Spotify for a new challenge.

Couldn’t ask for a better agile coaching community and, simultaneously, I’m excited about the future.

Sorted out some things and figuring out some others.

I’ll be freelancing on a few creative projects, with writing, workshops, studying, training, consulting.

Coming up for May & beyond

  • Rest
  • Joining WritersMosiac to amplify new writing across the UK
  • Crafting a series of equity workshops
  • Studying courses in creativity, entrepreneurship and gamification
  • Playing!

On the horizon

  • Training & advising individuals, teams and organisations in asynchronous communication skills for distributed

You are able to do what you want. So do it. Be bold.

Sage advice from Bridgerton S1:E3
Yellow bird flying on a blue background

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