11 indulgent foods for under £15, and they’re vegan

Lately, food has just been a bit of a struggle. But these foods still appeal to me when my appetite is fluctuating. Tesco prices, unless specified otherwise

11 delights for £15

  1. Croquettes: Just mashed potato covered in breadcrumbs, but feels so fancy. Not every brand of these is vegan, but McCains are. £1.50
  2. Similarly, McCain Smiles. 99p, Morrisons
  3. Juice ice lollies. I like Del Monte orange juice ice lollies; they don’t have added sugar, £1.90
  4. Tesco Plant Chef green veg curry, £1.60
  5. Rosemary crackers, 95p
  6. Sable grapes. £2, Morrisons
  7. Bisto, meat-free spaghetti Bolognese, £1.60
  8. Richmond frozen meat-free sausages, £2
  9. Zeroh sugar free chocolate chip cookies, £1.20
  10. Fruit shorties, 40p, Morrisons; Fruit shortcake, 45p
  11. Plain chocolate digestives, 60p

So, that’s a few foods that perhaps won’t break the bank… and here are some that might!

3 extravaganzas for £11