Weeknotes: Heavenly intersection between trees and writing, pure delight

Nerding out about trees The Urban Tree Festival came at just the right time. 9 days of intensely pleasurable tree nerdery when I have a schedule that’s flexible enough to take full advantage of it. I don’t want the Urban Tree Festival to end. But it will. When it does, I’m intending to nerd out […]

Weeknotes: April blogging challenge complete, May birding challenge begun

My first week of freelancing in over 10 years is drawing to a close. Here’s where my attention, energy and time are going lately: Learning how to work freelance Creating an effective, supportive and sustainable working environment Chillaxing. Unlearning overworking, following joy and practising rest I blogged every day for 30 days Achievements + What […]

Learning & Growth: Why you need your own development budget

Every time I’ve been in a role with an individual budget for learning & development (L&D), I’ve loved it. And every time that benefit has been limited, and withdrawn, I’ve left pretty sharpish. I’ve realised I value having an individual L&D budget above all other employer benefits. (Employee assistance programmes nearly tie, but, for me, […]

Gratitude & Growth: What’s important? People & relationships

Sustainable ways of working I’m so grateful for experiences that have taught me so much about collaborating and sustainable ways of working. Spoiler: It’s about people and relationships. Building relationships IS the work Organising team building together Last year I co-organised a homesite. Wait, what’s a homesite? It’s a virtual off-site. But, what’s an off-site? […]

When one door closes… Goodbye Amplify calls, hello Conscious Growth

Today’s the last live call for the Amplify creative flow class, and I’m going to miss them. Really grateful to be on them. My 20-something self would never believe I’d be on weekly calls with Steve Pavlina. And I’m excited about joining Conscious Growth Club. Questions I’m looking forward to exploring next week What relationship […]

lots of cherry leaves and baby cherry fruits forming

Weeknotes: Nurturing flow by doing very little, a weekend primer

Embracing do nothing days and practising nourishing flow states Encouraging flow What is flow? Being “in the zone”. More on Wikipedia The 4 Fs of Flow (10 min video with subtitles): Focus Freedom: Letting go of fear and scrutiny Feedback: Am I getting closer to my goal or not? 4%: Optimal challenge Learning this is […]

Chilling with Do Nothing Days & Unscheduled Time

So, I think I’m getting better at do nothing days, days of unshoulding, unscheduled time. Today, I’ve been: Watching Bill Bailey’s Limboland stand-up comedy Learning about Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman whilst studying Octalysis Watching Adventure Time Napping Ordering myself vegan afternoon tea & groceries Snacking Budgeting All I had scheduled for today […]

There are no universal questions

I was talking with colleagues today. Someone expressed a desire for a question that’s good to ask everyone. Some weather we’re having, huh? People often talk about the weather. Maybe because it’s a universal phenomenon that affects people. But no, some areas have pretty much the same weather all the time, and therefore rarely speak […]